World Of Resumes: What it is all about?

World of resumes – what it is all about ?


Dear viewers,

Welcome to my site, where the intention is to provide whole bunch of resume templates, where some of them are instantly free for use and others to stimulate your imagination with some really nice examples 🙂  In my foreword post, I’d like to describe everything in bit more details about this “World of resumes” project. And just for your information, at this moment I’ve got content prepared at least for half a year – publishing posts at least twice per week.

Why I started this ?

One day, I was quite fed up with my job and decided to look for new opportunity. (Un)fortunately at that moment my CV was complete mess and that is why I started looking for inspiration or some free to use templates. There were a lot of sites, blogs or pages with this kind of content – some of them were useful, some of them not and some of them were some copies, usually of those with no added value. And that is why I come up with the idea, that it might be worth to have the nice examples on one (hopefully) nice site with some basic filtering and links to original authors. So I’ve came up with the “World of resumes” name, bought domain and started working on the World Of Resumes content.

What can be found on this site ?

I’d like to focus the content of this site on “ready to use” resume templates, where the more creative ones are created in Photoshop or similar graphical tool. Some of the others are in HTML format and can be used for your online presentation and the rest will be in Microsoft Word (or any alternative software) format. Time to time I’d like to also describe some of the online template generators which will create you a file in .pdf format.

Quite a lot was said so I’d like to also show you in advance, what I’m talking about and you can have a look on some of the upcoming templates reviewed on our World Of Resumes website. 😉

resume-psd-template-preview02 resume_example_preview resume example

What are my intentions toward future ?

Since this is just a beginning, it is bit hard to talk about the future plans with this “World of resumes” project but definitely I would like to add some nice examples of cover letters and also make connections with viewers on social networks (for now at least on Facebook and twitter) and share their experience, tips & tricks for creating resumes and so on …

So wish me luck and hopefully this site will help you, your friends and people around you, find a really interesting resume template that will get you your (dream) job 🙂