(on-line) Virtual resume template

Hello everybody,

I’d like to show you another creative curriculum template. So today, here we have a simple and clean resume template design, created in Photoshop .psd format. This template is mainly focused on web designers, artists or photographers (mainly because of the portfolio section) and those people need also some basic IT knowledge for managing the CV, because the main focus on use of this template is as a layout for your personal webpage.

And because it is in .psd format this CV is really easy to work with. You can add, remove, modify sections that will or won’t fit your profile/needs. Even though the template is mainly focused on you on-line presentation, you can just by couple of clicks remove the portfolio and/or “contact me” section and use it in paper format. Only thing you need is to convert it for example to the .pdf file. Then it can be sent directly to your recruiter. But if you would like to use is as your online personal presentation – please go ahead.

Size of a .zip archive isn’t big – it has only about 2.5 Mb. So if you like this CV template, it is free for download.

Virtual resume template preview


Download this virtual resume template