Top 3 resume templates in month of August 2014

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end of summer is approaching, holidays in most countries are coming to an end and graduate students (and of course not only them) started looking more and more for job openings and they definitely need some nice, creative, easily customizable and editable resume templates. To ease up your searching for nice one curriculums we have a post covering top 3 resume templates searched in month of August 2014 on our webpage.

But as usual, in this “top 3 resume templates” kind of a article, let’s start with some numbers. In August 2014, we had 330 unique visitors that were interested in 400 resume articles. And almost 20% of the users kept coming back. So thank you guys for your support!

Closer look on the statistical numbers reveal, that last month most of the visitors came from United States, India and Pakistan. So our pages are read internationally. Also worth to mention are our Facebook and Twitter statistics, where we’ve reached 5000+ page likes and 60 followers.

Enough talking and let me introduce you the “top 3 resume template winners”

Top 3 resume templates visited in August 2014:

Simple curriculum vitae set in various color variants


As the header says, this piece of single page resume comes in different color schemes, so please go ahead and check them out!

Clean one page resume template


Simple, clean and minimalistic resume template that will definitelly help you cover your experience and expretise.

Modern one page resume


Modern, simple, minimalistic resume template that helps to cover your personal and professional details with interesting color scheme.

So it looks like that in August 2014, people prefered mostly single page, clean resume templates. Is it also your opinion? Or would you choose the top 3 resume templates differently ? Please tell us in comments on our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.

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