Top 3 resume templates in May 2014

Hello friends,

another month is behind us so I’d like to talk again about statistics and top 3 resume templates visited templates in May. In this month we had around 360 visitors where most of them were from India, BrazilCzech Republic and United Arab Emirates. There are another two things I’d like to mention are that we reached 1000 Facebook page likes and over 50 followers on Twitter. These are really incredible numbers and I’d like to thank you for following our small project on social networks.

These numbers are convincing us to even work more on our web page to run smoothly and optimize them for search engines (this is still kind a magic for us). We’ve also started a YouTube channel where we want to have interesting and funny videos related to job search and you can check out our first Funny job interviews playlist 🙂

And before we get to the real top 3 resume templates from previous month, I’d like to ask you for a small favour and this is about changes in Facebook policy about page notifications. So if you would like to receive notification about new resume designs, please check the following:


And finally, I can now show you those top 3 resume templates visited in May 2014:




So guys, what do you think about them ? Do you prefer .psd type of templates or templates created in Word ? Any feedback (positive and negative as well) is appreciated 🙂 Also if you have a tip or request on a resume type that isn’t published yet and is focused on specific area, let us know as well and we will try our best to bring it to our site as soon as possible.

And if you like our page, please follow us on social networks and invite or share our Facebook page with anyone who might find it helpful. Thank you very much again and have a wonderful rest of the day.