Top 3 resume templates in December 2014

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Month of December just passed by and as you might already notice, in the beginning of the month we have a bit statistical blog post, where we are presenting most visited resume templates in past month. And because this month isn’t different from the earlier ones, we would like to present you top 3 resume templates in December 2014 visited on our site during that period.

Also we are really happy to tell you that our page is visited more and more often so resume templates presented here are used more and more often. And hopefully it gives a better chance to people to succeed during their job interviews. Actually last month, we had over 739 unique users who visited our site last month (which is bit more than in previous month) and those users viewed over 1605 resume template examples, or our tips and tricks focused on cover letters etc. Compared to the month before, we can say that you guys are more and more interested in creative resume template designs. And also we had plenty of facts to conclude those top 3 resume templates in November 2014 blog post.

Also worth to mention is that on imaginary first and second place are résumé templates, which were also most viewed in mont of November 2014. So these are probably extra ordinary pieces.

Top 3 resume templates in December 2014

Creative “John Doe” CV template design


Beautiful and simple curriculum vitae template


Front-end (web) developer resume template


So guys, what do you think about those top 3 resume templates in December 2014 examples? Do you like them or you’ve noticed on our page some different ones that you like better? And what about the résumé format? Is Photoshop or Illustrator suitable tool for you? Or should we focus more on simple Microsoft Word resume templates? Please let us know your opinion on our social media channels like FacebookTwitter, Google+ or in our new LinkedIn group. Any kind of feedback is really appreciated. Also if you like our page, please share it with your friends and acquaintances.

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