Top 3 resume templates April 2014

Hello friends,

it is almost a month, since I’ve started this page, so I would like to go little bit over the statistics. There were 65 unique visitors who viewed at least 4 different pages with templates. Also half of them returned back after couple of days. These people were from all around the world – Brazil, Germany, Australia, Poland, United States etc. and to be honest I didn’t expect this kind of variety of visitors from the beginning and I’m very pleased with it.

And these statistics convinced me to work even harder especially on search engine optimization, social network connection and especially creative content. And as I mentioned in my Foreword article, I still have plenty of free, creative resume templates prepared which I’ll keep publishing them two or three times per week. Also new social channels are introduced as well. You can now follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Plurk and some others. It is completely up to you which ones you like the most.

To get back to the point what is this article about, here are top 3 resume templates from month of April 2014.

black-white-designers-resume Screenshot graphics-designer-resume

These three are picked out based on statistics taken from Google Analytics. And all of them are available for free download. But if you have different opinion, feel free to tell it in comments. And if you like this page or know somebody who might use resume template for your own or just for inspiration, let them know e.g. via social networks. Also by clicking on them you’ll get redirected to original article describing one of those top 3 resume templates.

So what do you think about this top 3 resume templates pick? Dou you have different top 3 resume templates favourite? If so, please share your thoughts, ideas, remarks, comments or any kind of a feedback on our social media pages. We definitely will appreciate your feedback because it helps us to move forward.

Thank you very much and stay tuned for new templates 🙂