Three page curriculum vitae template set

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we would like to show you today nice and creative three page curriculum vitae template set. This template set is created in Photoshop .psd format and this actually means, that it is fully but in the other hand, pretty easily editable.

As mentioned in the title, this curriculum vitae template set has three pages. First page is focused on personal information. You can insert your picture on the top together with some basic numbers that can describe you. Then you can continue with describing yourself, write your personal objective or statement. Basically you can write down basic overview of you and your personality and also you can attach, in a creative graphical way, what languages you speak and what places you’ve visited.

First page of curriculum vitae template set preview


Second page of curriculum vitae template set preview

Second page of this resume is focused on education, where you can in couple of lines describe your educational history. Right after education, you can start to write about your professional working experience. This actually can cover one or more pages. It is completely up to you how many information you’d like to put it on this resume template.


Third page of curriculum vitae template set preview

On last page, in this practical example, you continue with description of you professional working experience. And when you’re finished, you can start focusing on your skills, which you can put in a “tag cloud”.

Another interesting thing is, for those of you who are bit experienced web designers, you can use this template also to create your online personal web page.

If you like this piece of resume template, you can also visit webpage of the author via this link.

Download this curriculum vitae template set


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