Quite interesting Sky blue resume template

Hello everybody,

Today I’m about to present you a simple, sky blue resume template created in Photoshop (.psd) format. It is designed as a one page curriculum template and according to the title of this post, it uses sky blue color as a part of the background and also the color is applied on a title fonts. But if you don’t like this color, it can be easily changed to different one that would suit you best. And if you do that, please let us know or show us the outcome. Even though this is designed as a single page resume, it can contain huge amount of information about your employment and experience, personal skills and competences and much more. It is completely up to you what information you want to present about yourself.

After you’re done with your changes to your new resume, you can print it on A4 paper size format. It will certainly fit.

Sky blue resume template preview


Download sky blue resume template

So what do you guys think about this sky blue resume template and its color ? Would you change it to different one or the blue seems nice to you ? Please let us know on our social media channels. Any kind of feedback is really helpful to us. Thank you and enjoy your rest of a day.