Single page resume template and cover letter

This single page resume template and cover letter is creative resume template created in Adobe Photoshop tool. This actually means that by use of different layers, you can with little amount of time rework whole resume template and fill in details that suits you best. So please feel free to modify the template and if you do so, you can even let us know with the outcome 🙂

But let’s now move to the actual resume template. In the top left corner, there is place for your profile picture. Next to the picture, you can insert your name, your position and even you can put your personal statement or personal objective beneath it.

Then you can focus on your work experience by inserting a date range and small description. After that you can do the similar thing by describing your educational path.

At the bottom of your future resume template, you can insert your contact details and describe your professional experience and skills.

When you are finished with your changes of your new single page resume template, you can move to work on your future cover letter. This pack offers a cover letter template as well. This cover letter template is in similar design as the résumé so these two documents will have similar touch and feel and will pretty much impress your HR recruiter big time.

Single page resume template and cover letter preview

single-page-resume-template-and-cover-letter single-page-resume-template-and-cover-letter-full

Download this single page resume template and cover letter

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