Simple Word resume template in different colors

Ahoy friends and followers 🙂

I have here a simple and yet still interesting word resume template set, which comes in six different color variations. Those basic colors are black, blue, green, orange, purple and red. And because it is a Word resume template, it is easily editable in Microsoft Office package or any other wordprocessing tool. So if you wouldn’t like the default colors, it is no problem, and really easy, to change them in couple of seconds maybe even milliseconds 🙂

This word resume template is pretty clean, well organized and you can add as many different personal information as you want. Or if you don’t like some of those sections – you can just delete them. And those default/basic section are focused on your contact information, education history, work experience, language skills, technical proficiency and couple of more.

And again, because it is really easy to use and simple template set, it is completely up to you if you use this as a single page or multipage resume.

Word resume templates preview





Download this Word resume template set

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