Beautiful and simple curriculum vitae template

Hello friends,

Let us introduce you,again beautiful, but really simple curriculum vitae template. And as it is mentioned we have here quite simple, structured, single page resume template.

This simple curriculum vitae template is fully editable in Photoshop format and you can fit in your profile information within minutes and also without any extra deep knowledge of Photoshop tool. Simplicity and cleanliness of this resume counts. And we can guarantee you, that with this piece of resume, you will definitely impress HR recruiter.

Lets start with small description of this simple curriculum vitae template. This template is divided into two basic parts, where on the left side, you can put your picture, contact information and describe your personal skills as well. The right part of template is focused on your personal statement or objective, work experience and professional skills.

As you can see on the curriculum vitae sample picture, there is still lot of space, where you can additionally add for example your education history, achievements or awards and so on. You just would have search for icons related to your added content. But don worry you can easily google it and you can find pages like IconFinder that are focused on stuff like this. And the icon sets are usually free and ready for instant use.

Simple curriculum vitae download link

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So guys, what do you think about this piece? Do you like it ? Would you find use for this simple curriculum vitae template? Please let us know in comments on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ social media channels. Any kind of a feedback is really valuable to us and much appreciated.

Thank you very much and enjoy your day.