– online resume builder

Today I’d like to present you another handy resume builder, actually it is not only a builder but this site can be used for job search as well. And it is quite possible, if you type keyword resume in any kind of a search engine, you will get in a results this page.

So is a free resume hosting and job service. You can upload and edit your resume online, or use this online resume builder to create brand new one. They also provide free resume hosting which means that potential employers instantly can view, download and print your resume no matter where they are or what platform they are using.

Apart of creating of your new resume, offers free job posting for employers, where you can browse from thousands of job listings.

So how do you like this – online resume builder? Or you rather prefer create resume by your own hands with your own style and design? Or maybe you use of some of our resume templates ? 🙂

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