Newspaper style curriculum vitae template

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today, we are about to present you newspaper style curriculum vitae template. This is another simple, minimalistic but quite creative piece of resume template. This piece of resume template is in .ai format and that means that is created in Adobe Illustrator. But as usual, it is easily manageable and editable so you can have your template finished in matter of minutes. It is really that simple.

So what can you actually fill in, what are the areas you can use for your personal and professional profile description? You can start with your current position, name and address as a header. Maybe if you don’t like the “Resume” keyword, you can maybe switch it to your name. Underneath the header part, there is place for your picture and additional contact details and your profile picture.

Then you can start focus to write something about yourself. You can describe your personal objective or a statement, educational and professional background, skills etc. Another part of this résumé template is focused on your recommendations.

But if you don’t like this headers and sub-headers, please go ahead and change them. It is really simple and your résumé template still be divided into a logical section that will be readable to recruiters. And if you do so, you can show us the outcome, it is definitely interesting to us.

Newspaper style curriculum vitae template preview


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