Microsoft Office resume template gallery

Hello friends,

Today I would like to present you not a single resume but a basic resume template gallery. This gallery comes directly from Microsoft corporation – specifically from their Office centre. So if you are looking either for inspiration or for a simple and „ready to use“ CV template, Microsoft Office template gallery is, indeed, nice place to start. This template gallery contains around 70 simple, clean resumes – either single page or multi page. It also contains basic categories filter. Or if you would like to, you can filter out resumes by your Word version to secure the compatibility (but in most of the cases you should be able to open any template in any WinWord version or even or others).

And even though I’ve mentioned word processor or there is another one, free to use – Libre office (and probably many more that I’m not aware of), this gallery is free to use for everybody and without any necessary registration to Microsoft Office sites.

Microsoft Office resume template gallery preview


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So guys what do you think about this resume template gallery? Do you like more our single examples ? Or this kind of gallery ? Leave us feedback on our social network channels.