Interesting infographic curriculum template example

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We are about to present you interesting and creative infographic curriculum template example. This resume is made in .psd – Adobe Photoshop format. And this actually means that it is fully editable without much effort.

This creative resume is divided into couple of logical areas. In a header, there is place for your name, current position title, picture and your full contact information and details – age, phone number, e-mail and address.

Right under the header part, there is infographic timeline focused on your educational history. You can easily stretch or shorten it to your exact needs. After you are finished with your educational timeline, you can start describing your professional experience also as a timeline.

Next areas to focus is description of your professional skills and competences and your interests. And again, those can be represented in infographical way as well.

Biggest advantage of this infographic curriculum template example is, that you can easily change the color set of it. Just have a look on the second preview and you can see it by yourself. And these are just 3 basic examples, you can choose any kind of color set you want.

Infographic curriculum template example preview


Infographic curriculum template multi color preview


Free download of infographic curriculum template

If you would like to visit website of the author, you can do it via this link.

So guys, what do you think about this creative infographic curriculum template? Do you like those basic color sets? Or you have different idea? Please share with us your curriculum examples or your thoughts on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ social media channels. Any kind of feedback is really helpful and appreciated.

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