Infographic resume style template

Greetings for the day my friends,

Today I’d like to trot out really interesting piece of infographic resume style of template. This type of infographic resume style template is suitable most probably for web and graphic designers or people with artistic, photography or information technology background. In this template, there is place for your contact details, education and work experience, skills and personal statement – so all the basic and necessary information you need to present about yourself.

This resume template is meant to be used as a single page resume which would fit to A4 paper size format. But before using it, you have to take into account the black colour background because for possible HR interviewer it might be bit difficult to work with, if he/she decides to print it. Also due to its specific layout design, it might not suit everybody. So you better think twice before you start using it 🙂

Or if you maybe change the colour definitions, it might be bit more printer friendly. Or if you are skilled web designer, you can easily use this template style to design your own personal profile webpage.

This template is created in Adobe Photoshop .psd format but it is little bit bigger in size – approx. 75 Mb in zipped archive. But it is still easy to work with. You just need to be a bit patient while downloading this free infographic resume style template.

Infographic resume style template preview


Download this infographic resume style template

Even thought file is quite a big, it is still free for download and ready for immediate use.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.