Hi-tech resume template design

Howdy friends,

Today, I’d like to show you another unusual,but again still quite interesting, design of a template. It is bit specific therefore not suitable for everyone but it can find its audience. In this hi-tech,sci-fi or what ever you’d like to call this resume template you can fill in your contact details, personal objectives, education, previous employment, skill set etc.

Template is created in Photoshop format so it is easily editable. Perfectly fits to a single page and on A4 paper size format and you can still fit in quite a lot personal information that you’d like to share with HR recruiters. But when sending your resume out to the outside world, you have to take into account the black color background, because for HR interviewers like to print candidates resumes and take notes during interviews and with this black background it will be bit harder for them.

Hi-tech resume template preview


Download this hi-tech resume template

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