Graphic designers single page resume template

Howdy-do ! 🙂

So today I would like to show you an practical example of nice graphic designers single page resume. It has clean, minimalism and single page design which fits to A4 paper size. This one is created in Adobe .eps format – it is commonly used by Adobe Illustrator tool. You can download this software for a trial period and then you can edit the rĂ©sumĂ© template it in any way you would like to. It is quite simple.

If we take a closer look on the résumé, right in top left corner is a place for you profile picture and and underneath a space for your contact details. In the other part of the résumé is lot of space where you can describe your professional skills, past or current job experience, education and so on. You can also use a set of icons to graphically demonstrate your level of knowledge of e.g. software tools.

If you would like to have your CV exactly as it is shown on picture below, there is need to additionally download two extra fonts sets – Quicksand and Devil breeze.

Graphic designers single page resume template preview


Hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful piece of resume, it is while it is there free for download 🙂

.zip archive by itself is also pretty small in size – less than 1 Mb. So you can see that is quite minimalistic but quite nice as well 🙂

So go ahead, enjoy you new resume template and if you want you can leave a comment on our Facebook page and give us a feedback about this graphic designers single page resume template. It will be very appreciated and will keep us moving forward.

Download graphic designers single page resume template


Thank you for reading and have a beautiful rest of a day.