Free simple and minimalistic resume template

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today we’d like to present you one free simple and minimalistic resume template. This creative piece of template is made in Adobe Photoshop. This actually also means that it is fully layered, easily editable and overall easy to work with.

This minimalistic resume is divided into four basic parts. Header and three columns and with this layout you can easily fill in all the necessary information which can describe yourself.

In the header, there is enough space for your name and for title of your current position.

First column is focused on a basic information. You can fill in your contact details, address, links to your social media profiles, your website and so on.

Second column starts with “Summary” or if you don’t like this heading, you can change it to a “Objective”, “Personal statement” or what ever else you would like to. After this part, you can start describing your educational history or achievements. After schooling history, you can start with naming your skills.

Last, and in this example the longest column is focused on your gained experience over the past years. And there is plenty space for that so you can go even bit more into details.

But as in our other resume template examples, if you would like to “play” with this template and maybe change or rename some parts, please go ahead at the end it is you who will use this template to present yourself to the recruiters.

Free simple and minimalistic resume template preview


Second free simple and minimalistic resume template preview


Free simple and minimalistic resume template download

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