Free creative single page resume template

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We are about to present you beautiful free creative single page resume template. This beautiful piece is created in Adobe Illustrator and this means that you can easily maintain, re-create and suit just to your own needs. And all of this will not take you much of the time, because this template is fully layered. So feel free to try it and let us know how did it go 🙂

And actually what kind of information you can fit in this resume?

You can start with inserting your personal profile picture, name and current position or focus. Then you can fill in your contact address and other contact details. After that you can start filling in your personal objective or personal statement or summary. It is your decision how and if you’d like to have this part on your resume.

Next to the personal statement, there is place for your description of educational history you’ve obtained in the past. And in same style you can describe your gained professional experience from the past.

Next to focus is description of your interests by using nice set of icons. And at the end there is plenty of space , where you can express your professional skills and proficiency in different tools and areas.

Free creative single page resume template preview


Download this free creative single page resume template

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