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We have here really nice and free creative professional resume template example. This piece is created in Adobe Illustrator. So that actually means that this resume example is pretty easily editable and to work with. So with small amount of time spent on this, you can have really creative and professional resume template suited to your profile. And even though this resume is to be used as a single page template. You can fit a really lot of information about yourself.

You can actually start with your name and current position in the header part of resume. Apart of it, you can also fit there your contact details and address. Underneath the header is a place for your professional statement, objective or whatever else you’d like to call it. Together with your professional statement, you can in a graphical way describe your core competences as well.

Then you can move to description of your working or professional experience. It is up to you which heading you like better. Together with your professional experience description, usually it is necessary to insert your educational background as well. Along these two description parts, you can by use of bullet points give a overview of your skills with different tools, programming languages etc. Also if you obtain some achievements in past, there is a spot just for them.

At the end of the resume, there is a place, where you can describe your language skills and on how many projects you’ve worked in the past.

Free creative professional resume template preview


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