Flat curriculum vitae template with timeline

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today, we’d like to present you a flat curriculum vitae template with timeline. This is a pretty nice and simple resume template that is created in Photoshop format. And this, as usual, means that it is pretty easily editable and straight forward. So by couple of clicks and changes, you can have your professional and personal profile ready in matter of minutes. Also worth to mention is that this flat curriculum vitae template with timeline is ment to be a single page resume.

So what can we find on this template?

In the header part, there is plenty of space for your profile picture, place for your personal statement, objective or you can just write down couple of lines about yourself. Also in the header, you can find section used for your contact details, where you can fit your phone number, e-mail, maybe link to your personal webpage and so on.

The biggest part of this résumé template is focused on your educational history and on your professional experience. These two mentioned areas are combined into one timeline and this makes resume quite interesting. When you are finished with your education and experience, you can focus on your gained skills over the past. And for that you can use a “pie chart” with percentage combination.

Last two sections, in a footer of this résumé, are with white background color and they are focused on your potential language skills and your hobbies and activities.

Flat curriculum vitae template with timeline preview

flat-curriculum-vitae-template with-timeline

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How do you like this flat curriculum vitae template with timeline? Would you use it as it is or you would do some changes? Please let us know on our social media channels. Any kind of feedback is really appreciated.

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