Fashion designer curriculum vitae template

Howdy dear friends and followers,

We would like to present you this fashion designer curriculum vitae template where two basic colors are pink and white. Reason, why we are presenting this kind of resume is because we checking our Facebook statistics and noticed that from all of our fans, only 12 % are female gender. But definitely girls should also have useful curriculum vitae template. And since I’ve fixed that pink is a kind of a girly color (correct me if I’m wrong)

With this post, we are also hoping that it will bring more female audience to our site. So if you know somebody, who might like or find useful this post, please share it with her/him.

OK. So let’s get back to this fashion designer curriculum vitae template. This template comes in two pieces, which can do a pretty nice booklet, if you put those two pages together. On first page, there is enough space where you can fit your picture and contact information. Second page is focused on education.

But this resume template is created in Photoshop .psd format so you can play with this resume as you wish. You can add for example your professional experience and history, personal statement or objective, describe your achievements, awards and so on. You just need to look for some suitable icon set, change font size and than fit much more information. Also if you would prefer different colors than pink and white, you can change them by couple of clicks and have fully personalized resume.

Fashion designer curriculum vitae template preview

fashion-designer-curriculum-vitae-pink fashion-designer-curriculum-vitae-white

Fashion designer curriculum vitae template booklet preview




Download this fashion designer curriculum vitae template

If you would like to visit webpage of author of this resume, you can use this link.

File for download comes in .7z format, this is nothing unusual but you might need new or special unpacker for this.


If you decide to use this kind of template, please let us know how it went. If you changed the colors or did different modifications. It definitelly interests us and our Facebook or Twitter channels are open to your suggestions and opinion. So please, tell us 🙂

Thank you very much for reading this post and have a nice rest of the day.

P.S.: Stay tuned because more and more content is coming 🙂