Facts and tips about how to negotiate a higher salary

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higher salary and its negotiation can be tricky. This article should give you some basic tips and facts how to negotiate a higher salary. We can only hope, that this will work for you 🙂


Higher salary negotiation facts and tips

  • It is proven by payscale.com that more you earn, it is more likely you will succeed in higher salary negotiation. For example people with yearly earnings around 150k USD succeeded in 70%. In the other hand employees with yearly earning around 20k USD succeeded only in 25% of cases.
  • Before you’ll go to bosses office, do a research about the typical salary for your position in your area.
  • Another interesting number is that approximately 57% of employees never ask for higher salary and 28% of them because they would feel uncomfortable
  • Autumn – probably best season when to ask for higher salary. Why is that? Mainly because in that time are budgets for next year in preparation phase. But of course check first, if your company is e.g. in crisis because this isn’t definitely good time to ask
  • Staying in one position for 10 years or so isn’t exactly tactical because in employers eyes you’ll wont be seen as successful employee, try to change positions within the company – this will definitely open question about your salary
  • While negotiating your new higher salary, please, don’t mention your family bills, problems etc.
  • About the timing again – good time to negotiate is e.g. when you successfully delivered new project, got new customers and so on …
  • Also important question is how much to ask. It is almost certain, that your salary will not double but asking for 5 – 10% gross can be for your employer feasible.

So guys, what do you thing about these facts and tips for higher salary negotiation? Does it sound good to you or you have some remarks? Please let us know in comments on Twitter or Facebook. Any kind of a feedback is appreciated.

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