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We have here today a nice pice of (not only) executive resume. Creating a executive resume can be quite tricky to create but with correct guideline(s) it will get much easier.

An executive resume must include numbers because numbers will attract attention. And this is what you are looking for. These numbers should signify your positive effect therefore they have to have some kind of motivating effect. This is what the recruiter is looking for in your previous results.

It is also good to list your good traits. An executive resume is nothing without that team inspired traits. Quite important skill is communication. This sets you apart in the client/executive relationship. Try to put in there the characteristics that you think are important for the company. Money handling / budgeting is aspect that lots of companies are looking for. Another ones are strategic planning and project management, experience in reducing cost, public relations etc. Motivation and the ability to work with cross-functional teams are also important ones. If you helped an institution recover from serious problems, you can add that to your resume. Your executive resume will benefit a lot from any positive result turn-around.

Each executive has an area of expertise. And this must be include in your resume. Try to list your specialties in order of priority. This make the recruiter get interested from the beginning. Your executive resume should include also your academic degrees. Certainly high degrees and minors can help you. But work, results, and former experiences count the most in this domain. So don’t focus as much on this section as much as focusing on your experiences and expertise.

On the executive resume template example below, you can find areas, where you can fit all the necessary information describing yourself. You can start with your picture, that can be fitted into/instead of the blue circle on top together with basic contact information. Than you have place  where you can describe your work experience, education, activities, language proficiency, personal and professional skills.

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