cvmaker – handy online resume building tool

Hi friends and followers,

today I would like to present you another online tool that will help you with creation of your CV called cvmaker.

cvmaker is free creative online tool that helps you to create your résumé within couple of steps and it takes only small amount of time. Right after you create your résumé, you can choose how would you like to share it with outside world – you can either export it into text formats like .pdf or .txt or use HTML version, where you can share your profile with internet world. This site is also in many language variations.

Example of possible resume templates created in cvmaker


So what do you guys think about this tool? Do you find it handy, in cases when you need quickly your résumé ready? Or you rather prefer more creative and templates ? Or do you know, use or preffer another online resume generator? Please let us know on our Facebook, Twitter or Google plus channel. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.

Thank you and enjoy your day.

P.S.: We’d like to also mention, that this isn’t somehow paid post or advertisement, we just find this tool interesting so we wanted to present it to you 🙂