Creative “John Doe” CV template design

Hello friends,

We would like to show you today, really creative and impressive CV template design. Since this is a creative type of a CV, it is one of the Photoshop .psd type of files. But don’t worry, it is easily manageable and work with so you can fit in your profile in matter of minutes.

As you can see on the preview pictures below, this “unusual” CV template design is divided into three parts. And then it is completely up to you, how you are going to use it. You can either use it as a single page resume and print it in “landscape” mode or you can even fold it. Both mentioned possibilities are shown on pictures below and you can be certain that with resume like this, you’ll definitely impress your HR recruiter.

But let’s start with small description of this CV template design in “unfolded” way.

As mentioned above, it is divided into three parts. First part of this résumé is focused on introduction of yourself, personal statement, goal or whatever you’d like to call it. You can also put your profile picture instead of the buildings in this example. And at the bottom of this part, there is a place for your contact details.

Second part is basically focused on your educational background and work experience and there is plenty of space for describing it.

Last, third, part of this creative CV template design is focused on your skill set, computer literacy, foreign language knowledge and so on. You can add or remove those items pretty easily, you might just search for icon set – but in this area, Google is your friend :).

Creative “John Doe” CV template design preview


Creative “John Doe” CV template design “folded” preview


Creative “John Doe” CV template design “landscape” preview


Creative “John Doe” CV template design download

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