Creative designers curriculum vitae template

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We are about to present you creative designers curriculum vitae template. This beautiful piece is created in Adobe Illustrator. And as usual this means that it is fully editable and customizable. So you can have your professional profile ready in matter of minutes and in really beautiful, impressive and professional way.

So lets talk bit more about design of this beautiful piece of resume template. Resume is divided into header and other 7 logical sections, where you can easily and briefly describe all the necessary things about your personality.

You can start with the header part. In the headed, you can fill your name and basic contact details. Than you can write couple of lines about yourself in a personal statement or personal objective, if you’d like to. Next in scope is a description of your specialities and proficiency. There is also a enough place, where you can fit your educational background. For this you can use small timeline. Of course there is also space for describing your working experience in a simple way, but it definitely captivates your recruiter attention. Next part is, in this example, focused on design skills – but if you’d like to, this can be easily changed into technical skills or knowledge base. Next part is focused on your awards, achievements, recognitions – it is completely up to you, what header of this section you’ll pick. Last two parts are focused on your language proficiency and on your hobbies and interests. You can describe your hobbies and interests by using set of icons, which is also attached in the .zip file that is down below and free for download. If you wouldn’t like this set of icons, you can Google your own one and use it instead. It is really simple.

First creative designers curriculum vitae template preview


Second creative designers curriculum vitae template preview


Third creative designers curriculum vitae template preview


Fourth creative designers curriculum vitae template preview


Download this creative designers curriculum vitae template for free

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