Creative and handy artists resume template set

Good day friends,

today, we have to show you really nice, creative and really interesting artists resume template set. This set is bit different than the earlier ones because this set contains, business card template, web template and the actual resume template by itself. So let’s go over these templates one by one.

Artists resume template set – business card preview

As you can see on the picture below, this business card is quite nice and simple. There is space for logo, name, place and at the end – contact details.


Artists resume template set – resume preview

This clean, simple and single page resume template can cover all the necessary areas.

On the top of the template, there is a place for your photo, name and contact details. Underneath this area is space focused on your educational history, professional working experience, place for your portfolio and at the bottom there is enough space, where you can describe your technical skills and proficiency.

This résumé example is focused on artists, designers etc. But don’t worry, if you like this piece, you can easily tailor it to your needs because it is created in Photoshop and it is easily editable. So e.g. if you don’t have any portfolio, you can change it for obtained award, describe projects, you were working on and so on.

Artists resume template set – webpage preview

Last item in this template set is a webpage template. It is quite similar to resume by itself but this is tailored more to use as a webpage. So if you know some bits of HTML and CSS coding, you can prepare your own personal webpage in couple of minutes.


Download this creative artists resume template set

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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more and more resume templates coming your way ! 🙂