Common mistakes during salary negotiation

Hello friends,

we have here first article, which is not focused on resume template but it goes bit further in the hiring process and we’d like to talk about salary negotiation.

If you’ll be asked, how much would you like to earn. Do you have a proper answer to this question?


Here are some tips and typical salary negotiation situations:

  • Common and quite important rule is to never start talking about the salary by yourself, always wait until the other party ask. Quite interesting strategy is to bring salary range where you can leave the door open for further salary negotiations. Also try to avoid misunderstandings by stating you are talking about gross or net wage or a total fixed remuneration.
  • Another of the situations is where you do not have any idea of the salary possibilities. This cannot happen and you need to have an idea about your expected salary before sending out your resume. Because e.g. during phone interview, HR person can ask and if you are not prepared you are showing lack of preparation or lack of experience.
  • Another common salary negotiation situation is where you don’t want to communicate your expectations and you try it with “What can you offer me?” or “I’ll leave it up to you”. Potential employer wants to know if you will be satisfied either with the position and what salary would keep you happy.
  • Sometimes it also happens that your expectations during salary negotiation are disproportionate. This shows lack of preparation, unfamiliarity with the field or you are having different qualifications. It is necessary to take into account the average salary for the position, their experience, current situation on the labor market etc. So again, before sending your resume, take salary surveys on job portals, check average advertisements for your location …
  • Feedback. Always ask if your salary is acceptable for your employer. If it isn’t and you would still like to have this job, thanks to given range earlier you still save the situation. At too low salary expectation, you can say that you were talking about starting salary, which after incorporation can be raised, when you overshoot, you can tell the opposite
  • Even if you won the job selection procedure, you still have time and opportunity to salary negotiation. It all depend on your own estimation of chances. You can reject the final offer, but not more than once. And when you do this, try to come with compromise and summarize your main strengths.

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