Winning Cover Letters – Three Secrets to Interview

Can a cover letters really win you an interview? Isn’t that supposed to be the job of the resume? A resume isn’t the sole determining factor in whether you get the interview. A cover letter absolutely can play a deciding role in securing an interview, and I’m going to share with you three secrets that we utilize in the cover letters we write for our clients that generate immediate interview interest.

We give them three reasons our clients are the best candidates.

We don’t pull any punches. Straightforward and to the point: Here are three reasons I’m the best Healthcare Executive for ABC Healthcare Company. All three reasons hit on pain points the company has in its current opening. We use our client’s past successes to connect the dots between what they’ve achieved and what they’re capable of delivering for the new company.

We ASK for the interview.

Some people aren’t comfortable just coming out and asking for what they want; they’re afraid that being too direct will be viewed negatively. But it actually has the opposite effect; it shows interest, enthusiasm, and the ability to ask for what you want. Directness is valued in many workplaces, so why wouldn’t it be in the job search?

We leave them wanting to know more.

Why is it that direct mail letters always include a PS at the end?  Ever receive a letter from a charitable organization? It always includes a PS at the bottom too. Wonder why that is? People are naturally curious and there is just SOMETHING about that PS at the bottom that people cannot stand leaving it unread. So we leverage that same curiosity to our advantage when we craft cover letters for our clients. We end the cover letter with a PS that is so attention-grabbing or intriguing the hiring manager has to call our client for an interview.