Top 3 resume templates in June 2014

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Month of June went by, holiday season is approaching and I’d like to present you again some statistics from previous month. We had around 230 unique visitors on our site where most of them this month were from Czech Republic, India, United States and Belgium. If I can focus now on social media friends and followers – on Twitter, the number of followers is approximately same as in past month but on Facebook we gained over 800 page likes. This is really amazing number and I’d like to thank you for liking our small project and by those likes keeping it alive.

Enough talking and here we have our winners 🙂

Top 3 resume templates visited in June 2014:

Elegant one page resume template


Set of three simple curriculum vitae templates

Because in this article, 3 curriculum templates are mentioned, I don’t know which one you guys like the most so here we have all three of them

simple-page-winword-two-243x300 simple-page-winword-three-235x300 simple-page-winword-one-284x300

Modern Swiss Style resume template


So this would be top 3 most visited templates in month of June 2014. But apart of those top 3 templates, one interesting article, that wasn’t directly resume templates related but was focused to salary negotiation was published. And it is also worthwhile to mention because it found his audience as well.

So check it our:

Common mistakes during salary negotiation

So guys what do you think about those templates and article? If you like them, please share them with your friends and acquaintances and help us build much bigger audience because this will fuel our passion in this small project. Thanks a lot and have a beautiful rest of the day 🙂