Top 3 resume templates in month of July 2014

Howdy friends and followers,

even though we have a summer time when people should relax, you guys are still interesting about creative resume templates. So again we would like to present you top 3 resume templates which were most visited in previous month.

Actually this month 310 of unique visitors were interested, which is about 80 more than in previous month. And because the number is getting higher, it is really important information for us and we believe, that this number will keep raising. Also what pleased us is that some of our visitors, also right after reading some of ours articles, got interested in some of the advertisements and clicked on it. That actually generated us about $2 so we bought us 2 beers to celebrate, because we didn’t expected this as well and also we would like to thank you for that 🙂

If we would look bit more into the statistical information we have, most visitors in previous month were from United States, India and on the imaginary third place were people from Brazil. This is really good for us to know that people from all over the world are interested. And we hope that most of you found some interesting pieces of resume templates.

Lot of things were said and lets focus now on our winners 🙂

Top 3 resume templates visited in July 2014:

Professional one page curriculum vitae


Elegant one page resume


And this month, on imaginary third place, we have actually 2 resume templates, which had similar view count

Modern Swiss Style & One page resume with background pattern templates



So guys what do you think about those top 3 resume templates (well actually 4 🙂 )? If you like them, please share them with your friends and acquaintances and help us build bigger audience because this will fuel our passion in this small project. Also any kind of a feedback on Facebook or Twitter would help us a lot. Thank you very much and have a beautiful rest of the day 🙂