“Reflection” curriculum vitae template

Howdy friends,

todays piece of quite interesting and unusual graphical resume template was created in Photoshop format and it is called Reflection. And because it is created in above mentioned Photoshop, it is fully editable and quite easy to work with. If you would like to have similar output as it is visible on curriculum vitae template preview below it is necessary to download two additional font sets Turnpike and BankGothic LT BT. This curriculum vitae template is formatted in a way to fit to A4 paper size.

This curriculum vitae template is designed in a way, which can help you cover all the basic and necessary information areas like education, certifications and skills, contact etc.

Unfortunately this resume template isn’t, in my opinion, suitable for every job position you’re applying to. But because it is easily manageable, you can adjust it in various ways.

Curriculum vitae template preview


Download this curriculum vitae template

So … what do you guys think about this unusual piece ? Do you like it and would you use it to present yourself ? Please let us know on our Facebook or Twitter channel. Every kind of a feedback is really appreciated. Thank you very much and have a wonderful rest of a day.