Minimalistic multipage resume template with cover letter

Hello friends,

today, we will present you nice and simple minimalistic multipage resume template bundle which also comes with handy template for cover letter. This resume template pack is made from three basic parts. First part is the actual resume, where you can describe your personal information, insert your contact details, describe your gained education and working experience, put your personal statement or objective and there is also space left for describing your skills. At the end of the page there is small cell focused on “References”.

Minimalistic multipage resume template preview


And for references, we have here the second page. Basic personal information and contact details remains on the same place and instead of education etc. you can fill in as many references as you want.

Minimalistic multipage resume – “References” page preview


When you are finished with filling in your resume template and starting to work on you cover letter, there is a template for this as well. It is taking the header and footer from resume and uses it on the cover letter as well. This is kind a handy because you can have all the necessary templates using same graphic scheme.

Minimalistic multipage resume – cover letter preview


All three templates comes in one package and they are created in Photoshop format. This actually means that they are easily editable and also easy to work with. So if you like these resume template design, you can have your own personal one in matter of minutes. Also if you don’t like some of the fields or parts of the resume you can change them or delete them. It is completely up to you

Download this minimalistic multipage resume template with cover letter for free

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Thank you very much and stay tuned for more and more resume templates.