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Student resume template – holidays are almost over and resume suitable for students might be handy these days. So this piece of resume is focused on college or university students. But don’t worry, even though you are not student and you like this template, you can go ahead and use it as well.

So let’s get started with this student resume template. Template is divided into three columns (sections) which will help you describe yourself, skill set etc. First part is called “Biography” where you can describe what have you been studying, your motto, objectives and so on. There is also gray space, where you can fit your picture. Second part/section of this student resume is called “Information” and is focused on your personal and contact information, your skills and experiences. Last part is divided into couple of small ones where you can describe your education, hobbies maybe you can fit there your achievements and awards etc.

This student resume template is created in Photoshop (.psd) format and is fully layered. This actually means that it is quite easy to edit and work with even though you are not much familiar with this software. Also student resume is designed as single page and is more or less structured so it it easy for HR recruiter to work with and will definitely impress him or her.

Download link is below this article and file is free for download. It is also small in size (less than 1 Megabyte) so in matter of seconds you can start working on your brand new resume.

Graduate student resume template preview


Download “Graduate student resume template”

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