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we are about to show you, free professional resume template. This template is quite creative, simple, designed as a single page and really nice and handy. This example is this time in the core bit different because it isn’t created in Adobe Photoshop but in Illustrator. But this shouldn’t be a problem and you can certainly manage it, because as in our other resume template previews, this piece of professional resume is still easily editable and easy to work with.

Okay. Now we can move to the real free professional resume template example. This résumé example is split to two columns where, the left part is used as a title or header and the right side for you detailed description.

It starts all with the name on the top and together with that, you can put to your résumé your personal statement or objective. On the left part is enough place for your contact details, website, e-mail and so on.

After you are finished with describing your personality, you can start with your gained experience over past years and there is enough of space to cover more than one position you’ve worked in the past. Then you can jump to the education paragraph, where you can describe your education, achievements, trainings etc.

Last, bottom part is split into two pieces. On the left side, you can insert languages that you spoke and the right sided is focused on your professional skills, where by using bullets, you can illustrate on what level of knowledge of the tool you are on.

Free professional resume template example preview


Second free professional resume template example preview


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