Fitness trainer curriculum vitae template

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Today we have here a creative curriculum vitae template focused on fitness trainers. This fitness trainer curriculum vitae template was designed in Photoshop and it is fully layered and therefore easy to edit or customize. And because it is so easy it doesn’t have to focus only on fitness trainers but the area of use is pretty wide. So if you just like the layout, you can switch the “fitness” to whatever you want – programmer, accountant, graduate student, graphic designer and so on. Just don’t forget to change the basic icons and rewrite bit your work experience, add education and awards or accomplishments. And mentioned switch of icons can be quite easy because you have plenty of websites focused on nice and free icon sets. You can just Google them.

First fitness trainer curriculum vitae template preview


Ok. So let’s get back to the template. On the template you’ve got plenty of space to describe yourself and it will still fit on single page on A4 paper format. On the top, there is place for your photo, underneath the picture, you can insert personal statement, personal objective and there is also place for your phone number and other contact details. Rest of the fitness trainer curriculum vitae template focuses on your work experience, area of expertise or some other related experience, professional skills where for the mentioned professional skills you can also use small pie charts.

Second fitness trainer curriculum vitae template preview


Free download of fitness trainer curriculum vitae template

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So friends, how do you like this piece of fitness trainer curriculum vitae template? Do you like it as it is, I mean mainly focused on trainers, or you just like this creative template design and would like to fit it to different role? Please, let us know your opinion on our Facebook or Twitter channel.

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