Fashion Designer CV template

Greetings friends,

I have here another nice, interesting and simple fashion designer resume template, created in Word format and of course it is easily editable also in any word processor software. Because of its specific background pattern, you have to consider suitability of using the template. So if you are trying to apply for a art, fashion or some specific business field, this template might be right for you. Also you have to keep in mind that HR people like to print out the resumes and because of the dark color, it won’t be that nice as on computer screen.

But because it is in Word format, you can do whatever you’d like to with this template, so if you like the design and not the background, you can just remove it.

It is designed (at least the example is) as one page resume, but if you’d like to share more information about yourself, you can type down whatever you want and have a multi-page CV. It is completely up to you :).

So if you like it, feel free to download it. And if you are about to change the design a bit, let me know, how dit it went.

Fashion designer CV template preview


Download Fashion designer CV template

If you would like to visit authors website of this template here is the link.

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