doyoubuzz – online resume generator

I’d like to introduce you another online resume generator that I’ve found on the internet.

doyoubuzz is (not only) online resume generator where you can choose from two different generator packages, where first one is free and second one is premium package. But if you would like to only quickly create a printable CV, standard (free) version should be sufficient enough.

In this tool you can choose from set of CV designs, if you already have a LinkedIn account, you can import data from this social network and then export it into .pdf format and that is quite handy feature.


But if you would like to have a online resume with personalized URL, you can go for premium package and your resume might look e.g. like on picture below. With this package you can have access to analytics module, which will give you information, about people who visited your profile, you will get some additional resume designs and many more…

Preview from online resume generator output


I’d also like to stress out that it is not paid advertisement, I’ve just find this site quite interesting. But I’d like to ask, if you would guys rather use online resume generators or online resume profiles and even spend some money on it, or you rather use some of freebees and create or modify templates by yourself ?

Please let us know on our social media channels. Feedback is really helpful to us and at least we would know on which areas or topic should we be focused. Thank you very much and have a great rest of the day.