Basic rules how to write sucessful cover letter

Have you ever experienced, that you’ve seen a job advertisement and this job would lure you, you’ve also believe that you have mastered it, but you do not meet all the requirements? To convince the employer to invite you for an interview you must cleverly write your cover letter. And in this post we would like to present you couple of tips and tricks.


So if you are missing practical experience, don’t know specific tool or software in details, don’t give up!Because if some specific requirements aren’t 100 percent met, you can try at least to get closer to meeting them. Ok, so lets start …

Take the text of the job advertisement as a example for you cover letter

It is quite handy to take into account, that neither your potential employer or HR recruiter would find ideal candidate who would meet all the expectations. So try first to describe everything what you fit the description perfectly and then move on to the requirements, where the qualities are missing. Follow them piece by piece and in the problematic ones, try to find something what you do similarly.

Use the text from the job advertisement

Use the words to describe your skills, knowledge and practical experience by using the same words that were used in the job ad. It will be easier for to HR recruiter to compare expected experience with yours. It has benefits for both sides – you don’t have to come up with new keywords and recruiter will save time while going through your cover letter but will be aware of the match.

While writing cover letter, split up the text by using paragraphs and headlines

Your role is to quickly engage and convince the recruiter. So your cover letter has to be interesting and convincing. And you’ve got only one shot to convince the recruiter. That is why your cover letter should be transparent and convincing. You can also use expressions, headlines, paragraphs, highlighted areas or bullet list. For example, you can split up your cover letter into areas as are education, experience, accomplishments and so on.

Use strong and dynamic verbs in you cover letter

While describing your activities, use strong verbs as “I reached”, “I managed”, “I built” and so on. These expressions can help you promote your reputation as a successful person to whom the employer can rely on.

Highlight keywords

This is a favorite trick of professional marketing copywriters used mainly for the needs of websites and e-shops. By use of highlighted keywords you are able to communicate the necessary information and quickly and superficially to person who reads your cover letter.

Using bold letters to highlight what you want before an employer enjoys what he or preferably intend to convey. But beware: if this trick to work, you must not overwhelm the passages in bold text. Remember that less is sometimes more.

Do not underrate you soft-skills

More and more employers and recruiters today puts emphasis on soft skills. Personal profile of the applicant, its nature and properties are for a variety of positions, often more important than professional skillsTherefore, carefully read the text of the advertisement, what personality traits employer requires ourselves and try to add more useful features. If the assumptions at least to a lesser extent you have, do not hesitate to explicitly mention in the text. Use while plain common sense.

Example: For a trader to select the confidence“, “persuasive“, “results orientation“, “autonomy” and the like.
For official position or office workers use more features of “care“, “accuracy“, “precision“, “reliable” and the like.