Awesome example of interactive resume

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today we’d like to show you amazing example of interactive resume.

This interactive resume is created by Robby Leonardi and recently created some buzz in social media. Mainly because it is a great way how to impress recruiters all around the world. You might actually notice it on LinkedIn at this moment.

Interactive resume

interactive resume

This interactive resume gives you a overview of Robby’s skills like design, coding and animation. Together with that, you can see to what graphical tools he is used to, how confident is he in scripting and programming and also you can notice his skills with 3D and video software. You can also find out where is he from, what sports he likes.

In really nice way he described his working experience through the years with pie chart of his areas of focus. Also he is mentioning his awards and publications with hyper-links to websites proving them. At the and, of his interactive resume, he added small contact form, which can be used for contacting him.

So finally … enough of talking, please check out this link about this above mentioned interactive resume:

So if you are a web designer or graphic designer, this is really nice way how to promote yourself on-line. And if it would go viral, you will end up with lot of new job opportunities.

So guys, what do you think about this way of on-line promotion of your self? Please share your thoughts on our social media channels. Any feedback or discussion is really appreciated, because we’d like to know, if this is for example a way how to promote yourself or if it is only specific for certain web design or graphic design areas.

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